RM Machining


RM Machining carries out automatic turning and milling of smaller components and has more than 30 years of experience in the market.

We produce quality products efficiently and with a high degree of automation - including complex components.

We have an updated and well-maintained machine park, which ensures a fully automatic production 24 hours a day.

RM Machining is an ISO 9001 certified company with a strong green focus.

The company’s management team consists of CEO Peter Sørensen and product specialist Frederik Jensen.

Since 2018 the majority of the company’s shares has been owned by a consortium of investors from Executive Capital and by the CEO Peter Sørensen.

Who are we?

Peter Sørensen


"Lean and quality assurance are a natural part of our everyday lives. But short delivery times and timeliness are also. We allow ourselves to call ourselves specialists in our fields".

Frederik Jensen

Produkt specialis

"We work continuously with efficiency and optimal utilization of the machines. And we are often in dialogue with customers to find optimal production technology that meets their specific item requirements".

Top professional equipment

Most water-saving cleaning nozzle on the market

We have the best people in the industry with us

We only use the best machines, and they are constantly maintained. Automation and technology ensure a fully automated production in three shifts. Our focus is always on orders being executed at the agreed time and to the highest quality.

Making it possible to minimise water waste while reducing the water bill. Despite the lower water consumption, you get a great washing effect, ensuring a good total economic solution.

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We only have the best machines for the purpose and they are constantly maintained. Automation and technology ensure full automation production in three shifts. The focus is always on orders being executed at the agreed time and quality.

Our customers & partners

At RM Spaantagning and RM Spray, we are specialists in special solutions and in good cooperation. The customers involve us at different levels in the product development phase - for example as sparring partners in the prototype phase, the building of models and prototypes and for us to be in charge of the entire product development.

All customers have individual needs, and in close collaboration we determine the work process and produce specially designed solutions.

We start, for example, with the preparation of prototypes, test series with different surfaces, determination of raw material conditions and response times for the actual production, for buffer storage and surface treatment. Since our work often starts with a prototype, we work discreetly.

We work with and deliver to more than 100 regular customers in Denmark and the rest of Europe within industries such as:

  • Medico industry
  • The electronics industry

  • Graphic industry
  • Food industry
  • Agricultural equipment and machinery
  • Wind turbine industry

  • Automotive industry

  • Construction